Virtual conference: Back To Work

10 Essential Actions for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace 

Do we really want to return to the “old” workday and not to something new and better?

We all desperately want “normality” back, but do we want it too much? What if, instead of going back to work, we chose to move forward into something new?

At this conference, we examine what we have learned during the biggest global workplace experiment in ages. Our ambition? To block the hamster wheel before it starts turning again, so we can return to a workplace that is better than the one we left behind.

 Since March of 2020, we have done more than discover great online tools. We have also reconsidered the value of our work, the time we spend on work and how we manage and lead.


A virtual conference that looks at the profound insights gathered during the lockdown

This conference gathers leading experts on

– fostering workplace happiness
– maximising virtual meetings
– boosting time effectiveness
– architecting meaningful tasks

It is time to create new habits and this conference will present 10 essential actions ready to unpack and integrate in your organisation, illuminating COVID-19 insights and leveraging this last year as the revolutionary change it has the potential to become.  



Dennis Nørmark

In our longing for normality, have we forgotten how the lockdown revolutionised our work life?

When the world was in lockdown, we lost an essential part of our working lives, but we also changed in ways we probably should have done a long time ago.

Now, we may be longing so much for our familiar everyday lives that we are in danger of forgetting

everything we have learned. The power of habit is strong. If we want to take more from the pandemic than Zoom meetings and home offices, we also need to look at how the pandemic encouraged management to be more present, enabled employees to become more liberated and allowed futile projects to be discarded forever.

In his presentation, anthropologist Dennis Nørmark (co-developer of the concept of “pseudo-work”) outlines how we collect our experiences, what kinds of questions we should ask each other and how we rediscover these “super skills” in the future, even without a global pandemic.


Kenn L. Hansen

Realising the massive potential in virtual meetings and presentations (and avoiding the pitfalls) 

COVID-19 has paved the way for a much broader acceptance of virtual meetings. In this session, rhetorician and communication excellence consultant Kenn L. Hansen maps out the potential for effective online meetings and sheds light on the communicative risks right in front of us when we come back to work. Of special focus is equipping organisations to navigate the challenging semi-virtual transition period and hybrid meeting scenarios, in which some participants are physically assembled and other participants in the same meeting attend virtually. After some sleepless nights,

Kenn has constructed very concrete solutions to help organisations successfully solve the puzzle of having meetings where some but not all people have returned to the office.  

Since 2005, Kenn has trained around 20,000 people in effective presentations. His consultancy, EPO, trains Denmark’s biggest companies and organisations in virtual communication and collaboration tools and strategies. Kenn is also the co-author of 2020’s The Skype Is the Limit, a guide to achieving excellence in virtual presentations and meetings.

Marie Litrup

Happy High Performers: Redefining your work life

Resurfacing after one year of lockdowns, what have we learned about our working habits? How can we reap the benefits of what we’ve learned as we return to work? As organisations enter a new era, Marie Litrup introduces an emphasis on Happy High Performers, where the new normal is defined by energy, strong working habits and the ability to structure work to streamline effort and maximise impact.

The pandemic has pushed us to adapt and innovate, experimenting with new ways of working and structuring workdays. As we transition, this common experience can enable us to design optimal working lives for ourselves and our organisations.  

Marie has more than 15 years of experience supporting Danish and international organisations. She is the founder of TimeWellSpent, where she helps managers and teams create strong working habits to free up time and to boost performance and wellbeing.  

Mette Bundgaard

Establishing excellent overviews for seamless movement between work and home offices  

When you regularly switch between the workplace and a home office, a good overview is necessary to maintain your mental health, motivation and workday navigation skills. 

In this session, optimisation and Outlook expert Mette Bundgaard shows attendees how to get an overview of their work life and exploit that overview for efficient and realistic planning and prioritisation. 

Mette is a lecturer, trainer and author (En nemmere hverdag, trans. An Easier Workday) who has worked with optimisation, work efficiency and Outlook for the last 15 years. She has helped numerous Danish and international employees achieve easier workdays by combining overviews, healthy work routines and efficiency practices.


Time and place

The virtual conference is held on Teams 7th June from 9:00 to 12:00. (CET)

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No conference without a goodie bag. When participating in the conference, you will receive a virtual goodie bag with loads of tips and tricks for managing the new normal work life.


If your work-life has been affected by Corona and you are curious about how you can turn a global pandemic into your advantage, then this conference is for you.

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Who are the initiators?

With a shared mission that the global crisis must not go to waste, the four speakers are united in arranging this Kickstarter for a different and better work-life. Better than the one we left behind in March 2020.


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The conference is in English.